In a nutshell, I was a Christian for 4 decades without questioning that this was the truth. Through reading Douglas Adams posthumous ‘The Salmon of Doubt’ I was exposed to the writings of Richard Dawkins. After repeated readings of Dawkins books, and the wealth of information that is easily accessible on the World Wide Web, it became apparent to me that the Universe is ancient and all life on Earth slowly evolved from a single source over millions of years. Ergo, the bible isn’t true. Ergo God doesn’t exist. Everything is as it is, not for the inexplicable reason, “God made it that way”, but because of the natural laws of the universe we live in. To paraphrase Mr Adams, “The awe of wonder was replaced by the awe of understanding.”

The words of the above two men had the power to alter my understanding of reality (education will do that) and this blog is my attempt to pass that on to others. My chosen name is from an allegory told my Mr Adams. I could reprint it here without permission, but a web search of the name will get you there.


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