I listen to the Unbelievable podcast every week, a debate style show that has a Christian and non-Christian discussing a particular topic. The host and moderator, Justin Brierly, himself a Christian, does a tremendous job of keeping the discussion moving and the dialogue open, to equal opportunity to both sides of the argument. I heartily recommend you pick a show from the expansive back catalogue that you find particularly interesting and give it a test run.

The last two shows in August were “Is atheism a belief system?” and “Can atheists have meaning without God?” and the Christian guest for both those episodes was Andy Bannister, who has recently published the book, “The Atheist Who Didn’t Exist Or: The Dreadful Consequences of Bad Arguments“. I bought the book and as I read my way through it I found myself thinking that he himself was guilty of making bad arguments. So, to keep things nice and organised, and give myself a blogging goal, I will be making a series of posts to reviewing/disagreeing with the points he makes in the book. This post will serve as a link to all of the posts and I will update the chapter links as I progress. It’s possible I will need more than one post per chapter, and will add multiple links as needed. The Chapters are titled:

1. The Loch Ness Monsters Moustache – the terrible consequences of bad arguments
2. The Scandinavian Sceptic – why atheism is really a belief system
3. The Aardvark in the Artichokes – why all gods are not the same
4. The Santa Delusion – why faith in God does not mean you are insane
5. Aim for that Haystack – Why psychological arguments against religion fail
6. Sven and the art of refrigerator maintenance – Why religion does not poison everything
7. The Lunatic in the Louvre – Why science cannot explain the entirety of reality
8. Humpty Dumpty and the vegan – Why we really do need God to be good
9. the peculiar case of the postmodern penguin – why life without God is meaningless
10. The Panini Poisoner of Pimlico – Why everybody has faith
11. The Reluctant Eunuch – why we really can know a lot about Jesus


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